Wooden Furniture Pieces Item Ideas For Your Backyard

Summer brings forward a great opportunity to spend some time in your backyard and enjoy all that it offers. However, for your backyard to be as relaxing as you would want it to be, you need to furnish it with some stylish items. If wood is the material you prefer, here are some wooden garden furniture items you should consider.

- Timber Bench
A timber bench is a great furniture item that you can install in you garden. You can choose to shop it from a furniture store or build it by yourself, if you have time to spare and some experience with power tools. It will take you a few hours (around 6 hours) to build the bench and stain it. The best thing is there are dozens of design ideas online that you can implement and all the required materials are easy to source.

- Modern-Style Birdhouse
A birdhouse is also another great wooden furniture item that you can add in your backyard. Whether you choose to buy or build it yourself, we suggest you go a modern style/design.

- Raised Planter
A raised planter makes is the perfect choice of item to use for a flower bed or vegetable garden. You can install this piece of wooden furniture anywhere around your home -- on the front porch, on the deck or patio, in the backyard, you name it, the possibilities are endless!

- Mixed-Medium Garden Trellis
Climbing plants, such as, roses an vines add a lot of charm to an ordinary garden, especially when they are winding up a trellis. As time goes, the copper develops a stunning green patina and wood turns gray with its character growing richer and richer.  You'll are guaranteed to continue appreciating the charm of this piece of furniture.

- Garden Closet
This item serves both a functional and an aesthetic function. You can attach a garden closet to the back or side of your house and It will provide you with plenty of space to store your garden tools and other items. 

- Patio Garden Planter and Pond
Another ideal piece of furniture for you garden is a pond made of wood. This pond is capable of holding both water based and regular plants. We recommend installing one featuring an ultra-stretchy, UV resistant paint-on rubber lining since it will last longer and require less maintenance.

- Pedestal Picnic Table
A pedestal Picnic table is another wooden furniture piece that someone who prefers a more refined picnic table should consider. This item's design makes it perfect for an afternoon barbecue with kids or a cause night dinner party for adults. 

- Stripped-Down Window Planter
Most people overlook this piece of furniture, but with all its curves and circles, a window box planter will make a good wooden fixture for your backyard. 

- Stone-Top Patio Table
Combining wood and stone, this table design can bring the sense of a traditional but also modernised atmosphere in your garden. Because the table top is made of stone, you have a wide variety of materials to use as finishing, which include marble, limestone, granite, slate, decorative tile and so on.